How a Proper Lighting Can Transform Your Space?

How a Proper Lighting Can Transform Your Space?

Since the dawn of time, it is more than clear that humans are simply fascinated with the phenomenon of light. In ancient stories, allegories and tales – the light represents something good, pure and incorruptible, while darkness stands for the opposite. The combination of the two, serves to show the full complexity of life with all its good and bad sides. So, imagine the idea of being able to incorporate all these abstract thoughts, sensations and emotions in your living space. How? Simply by implementing the right lighting system into your living space.

Making the Room Appear Smaller

We already know that everything we see, is a direct result of the light reaching the sensors in our eyes, which is then being interpreted by our brain. Being already powerful in its own right, can light also make our room appear smaller or larger? Well, it actually can. Sometimes, the room will simply seem so large that it becomes intimidating, making your beloved furniture pieces appear small and insignificant. An efficient method to make the room look smaller is to use huge chandeliers that will visually bring your ceiling closer to the floor.

One of the easiest tricks to making the room appear larger is allowing as much natural light in. In order to achieve this, you need to install a huge window, covering most of the wall. Once this thin barrier is all that stands between your house and your backyard, it may appear as if it is the extension of the room. In this way, you will successfully create an optical illusion that works to your advantage. Not to mention that the natural light is a vital component for the mental health of all the house members. Moreover, you can always use mirrors to enhance the intensity of this natural illumination inside of your home.

Invest in Practicality

Another thing you should pay attention to is the practicality of your home’s lighting system. You see, through the butterfly effect, small things in your life can trigger a certain type of mood. A small frustration over not being able to find the switch in pitch black dark can easily translate to something else, which is not something you are looking for. This is why you should make sure that your lights are strategically well placed or even think about implementing the smart lighting system inside your home.

Furthermore, you need to understand that the wrong amount of illumination can sometimes make matters worse. For example, while you need a potent light in your bathroom, kitchen and at the vanity; for a bedside lamp, you need something more dimmed and subtle. What you are looking for here is a lamp that will allow you to read with no undesired interferences, without being distracted by the intense lighting source two feet from you.

Going Green

So far, we discussed how proper lighting can change the visual perception and the practicality of your room. On the other hand, it can also alter its energy consumption significantly to your favor. LED light bulbs have a much more favorable Watt-to-Lumen ratio, which means they give you the exact same amount of light, by consuming less energy. For comparison, in order to get the light of 600lm, you would either need a 40W incandescent light bulb or a 10W LED one. Needless to say, this is something both your budget and planet could benefit from in the long run.

The main problem people have with this is a misconception that for some reason, installing a led inside your home must cost an arm and a leg, which is simply preposterous. Another similar myth is that the variety of LED fixtures is significantly smaller than that of their incandescent counterparts, which is also far from the truth. Take for example the website of one of the Australia’s largest LED solutions suppliers Superlight, their range goes from weatherproof outdoor fixtures, to linear LED stripling and delicate downlights. All in all, this leaves you with a plethora of choice for virtually any part of your property, be it indoors or outdoors.


As you can see, proper lighting truly can change both the way you see your living space and how you feel about it. The art of design is using various visual elements to make your room exude the aesthetic appeal you prefer. One of the most important elements is, of course, light and for those who master the art of efficiently incorporating it into their homes will enter a whole new world of possibilities.

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