Quick Tips to Get Rid of Musty Odor

Quick Tips to Get Rid of Musty Odor

Have you been smelling something funky in your home lately? Did it smell like an old library or a closet that hasn’t been opened in years? Chances are, the stench could probably be coming from a mold growth that you weren’t even aware you were harboring in your home.

Molds develop in areas that are damp, stale, and moist. These are areas or things inside your house that you have probably neglected for a while, you haven’t cleaned regularly, or they may be areas with not enough ventilation like your basement or your crawlspace. More often than not, mold starts to smell really bad when it has already grown to a significant size. So when things begin to smell musty, consider that as a sign that your mold problem must be getting pretty bad.

The next thing you’re probably asking is, what should you do next to get rid of mold and this funky smell?

Perform an inspection.

In a lot of instances, the musty odor is an indication of a worsening mold problem. The first step then is to locate the source of the problem. Find out where the smell is coming from–Is it coming from your basement? Your attic? Conduct an inspection so you can see the extent of the infestation and by then, you can start with your mold removal plan. Otherwise, if you have found out that the scale of the mold growth is beyond what you can manage, always seek out professional help like mold inspection Lynchburg to handle the situation for you.

Fix water leaks.

Water leaks are one of the main causes for mold growth because it condenses into the air and creates moisture. Hence, to prevent making your home suitable for fungi, you have to eliminate these sources of moisture by repairing any water leaks and making sure that everything is in perfect working condition which also includes sealing the gaps on your window sills.

Do a general cleaning.

Once you have figured out the location of the mold colony, and find out that it is generally harmless and still manageable on your own, it’s time to clean it up with a good old white vinegar solution. Fill a 1 pint of water with 1tbsp of vinegar and pour it carefully onto a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it clean. A bleach solution would also work the same. But of course, don’t forget to wear protective gear such as a pair of gloves and a mask.

And again, if the situation is beyond what you can control, call out a mold removal expert to get rid of mold.


Molds essentially grow on areas with the right environmental conditions such as an organic matter from which they feed, the absence of UV light, the presence of mold spores, humidity, oxygen, and moisture. This is also exactly the reason why basements, attics, and crawlspaces are the most susceptible areas for mold growth. With that said, the key to fighting off potential mold growth in a mold-prone space is to make sure that it has enough ventilation to get rid of stale air and keep the air circulating. Open up your windows once in a while to let the fresh air in or turn on an electric fan to get the air moving. You can also get a HEPA (High-Efficiency Pressurized Air) air filter to purify the air of mold spores.

Install Odor Absorbers.

Odor absorbers are things that can absorb the moisture in the area thereby sucking in the unpleasant smell in your room, basement, or closet space. Some odor absorbers that you can easily procure are charcoal briquettes and baking soda. Simply place your charcoal briquettes in an empty can or your baking soda on a small dish and leave it in the contaminated area for 24 hours.

Use a dehumidifier.

Using a dehumidifier is an excellent way to eliminate the smell in your home. A dehumidifier will help you control the humidity levels, particularly during damper weather. In addition, a hygrometer will also help you measure the humidity level in the room, so make sure to keep it below 60%.

These are just quick tips that you can easily do yourself in case you are faced with the same household dilemma. However, in case things turn out for the worse, do not hesitate to call a more seasoned expert for mold removal help.

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