Reasons Why Decorative Plastering Ceiling Is Better Choice for Designer Ceilings

Reasons Why Decorative Plastering Ceiling Is Better Choice for Designer Ceilings

Earlier, plasters were used to give the textured finishes to the walls and ceiling. However, later the trend underwent a change with the emergence of a lot of substitutes and alternate choices for decoration and ornamentation in interiors. But the artistic embellishments which have been done with plasters, also referred to as decorative plaster were used as an essential part of the constructional works in the Roman Empire to different eras of revival of architectural trends in the European history. The different styles of plasters on ceilings or walls could be spotted in different eras of the European architectural history like during the Colonial Revival, Beaux Art homes, Spanish Revival, Tudor Revival houses or the European Romantic housing decorative styles. In all these styles, the artistic and designer patterns have been constructed on walls and ceiling with the use of plasters. The revival of plasters as a decorative tool for ceilings has once again imprinted its foot hold in this modern age. It undeniably offers:

  • Ancient European Charm
  • Elegance
  • Absolute style and aesthetic decorative feel

Benefits of Decorative Plaster Ceiling

Plaster is chosen as the primary molding material for construction of readymade decorative ceiling panels owing to its wide and extensive range of benefits. The main reason why decorative plaster ceiling is commonly used because of the numerous benefits its users.

Extensive Molding Ability

The best advantage using of plaster is that it can be molded into different intricate shapes and designs without much difficulty. Once it dries up, the shape does not alter, rather the formation tends to enhance its strength over time. The ability to hold on to its shape with accuracy, ability to mold into intricate designs and durability make it the best choice for decorating ceiling, panels, cornices, etc.


Plaster is known for its high-end durability. Its high resistance against dents, knocks and damages makes it a popular choice for decorative purposes.

Absorbs Noise

Plaster is known to offer acoustical and specifically noise absorbing element. This is the reason why installing plaster ceilings or decorative plaster panels for ceilings in multi storied building helps minimize the noise from external sources.

Exclusive Artistic Works

Decorative ceilings enhance the aesthetic appeal of any interior. As discussed earlier the ability to mold plasters into desired shapes and intricate designs makes it a primary choice for artistic construction work and right from ancient times, it has been a primary choice for decorative ceiling works and panels till today.

Ready Made Availability

Nowadays these decorative ceiling panels are easily available in stores. There are many suppliers and custom design makers who offer readymade plaster for different purposes. You can opt for any design or you can also get any desired artistic pattern or design customized from these suppliers easily. Besides some other essential benefits of using decorative plaster ceiling includes:

  • Hassle free installation without making dust pollution.
  • Long lasting and highly durable.
  • You can opt for desired pattern, art work, shapes or artistic carvings.
  • It is light in weight which makes the installation procedure seamless and also reduces man power.
  • Over all a budget friendly decorative implementation for your interiors.
  • It is also a strong material, and easy to transport. Since these are not much vulnerable the chances of damages in transportation are low.

Along with classic style and old world artistic elegance, decorative plaster ceilings enhance the value of your property with their aesthetically pleasing look; therefore, if you have plans to resale the property as well, you can get great valuation of the decorative interiors as well, offering you complete return of investment (ROI).

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