The Rules of Combining Wallpapers and Fabrics for Home Interiors

The Rules of Combining Wallpapers and Fabrics for Home Interiors

The trend of pattern-on-pattern has been popular in the fashion world for some time now. Fashion collections from top design houses always feature these, and the pattern combinations are getting bolder and bolder.

But this trend is not only popular for clothing. Interior designers love to mix and match patterns and textures as well to create stand-out rooms their clients would enjoy.

However, they still make sure to follow the rules of combining wallpapers and fabrics because it’s crucial for interior design to take into great consideration the comfort of the home. While there are people who find great delight in unconventional and loud pattern pairings, they do not necessarily want to see it all the time.

Therefore, for beautiful combinations of patterns and fabrics, here are the most important rules to follow.

1. Pick your large-scale pattern first.

It’s always smart to establish what your large-scale pattern would be; for example, the big geometric pattern on Mod Geo wallpapers. More often than not, the large-scale pattern determines the room’s color palette because it is used in abundance or profusion.

2. Choose your small-scale patterns.

This is the key to a visually pleasing combination of patterns. When one is big, the other should be small, so the overall impact would not be too tiring for the eyes.

You cannot go wrong with stripes, small florals, paisley, other small geometric patterns, and those lovely wood design wallpapers. All of these can easily compliment any large-scale pattern.

Special tip: When choosing your small-scale pattern, make sure that they have colors that are either similar to the color palette, or beautifully contrast the hues of your large-scale pattern.

3. Pull in some solids.

Adding coordinating solids (or the base colors) can make the pattern-on-pattern design more stylish and cohesive. You can incorporate these blocks of color through area rugs or carpets, curtains and drapes, as well as, upholstered furniture.

You can play around with your blocks of color too. Use different textures and thickness to provide more richness, or a luxe feel to the interior design.

4. Explore unique uses for the pattern combination you love.

If you love the pattern-on-pattern look that you have created using wallpaper and the other fabrics for the room, find ways to use the design even more throughout your home.

Perhaps frame samples of the wallpaper as art for the wall of solid color in the room. Meanwhile, you can use the fabric for table runners and lampshades. You can even line the insides of shelves and cabinets with the same wallpaper.

The idea here is if you are successful in implementing the pattern-on-pattern design, why not get the most use out of it and create a charming look of uniformity in your abode.

5. Do not be afraid to use more than just two or three patterns.

Although the easiest way to pull off the pattern-on-pattern look is by just limiting the patterns to two or three, there is no restriction to the number of patterns that you can use to decorate a room.

But, to keep everything visually logical, always stick to your base and complimentary colors. As long as you do this, varying prints or patterns and scale will look perfectly alright.

6. Do not be afraid to break some of the rules.

Sometimes, breaking the rules works. If you find different large-scale patterns that you like and you feel like they all swimmingly go together, perhaps they do.

There are times when designs go together even in the absence of typical unifying factors. Here’s the thing, if the combination looks good to you and it’s something that you want to see all the time in your home, just go for it. After all, interior design is mostly about catering to your style preference.

Combining wallpapers and fabrics can be quite tricky but follow the rules shared here, and you can be sure to enjoy the wonderful possibilities this trend can bring for your home’s interior design.

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James Prathap is the General Manager at NGC Nafees, top importers and exporters of wallpapers, flooring and fabric in the Middle East. Formed three decades ago, the business also offers high-quality panoramics, coordinated fabrics, and creative stickers for residential and commercial projects.

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