Smart Storage Tips – 13 Ways to Store Your Appliances In a Compact Kitchen

Smart Storage Tips – 13 Ways to Store Your Appliances In a Compact Kitchen

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you never really have enough counter or storage space… like NEVER!

That said, if your kitchen has, say, just a couple of cabinets in the room then it’s likely that you’re stressed about determining a way to make things work. Lucky for you, here we’ve have put together our top 13 tips to help you make the most out of the available space in your kitchen.

From small storage tricks to unique cabinetry tips, these solutions have the potential to make you feel as if you’ve expanded the kitchen space by twofold.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look how these tips can help you!

  1. Go for a Pegboard

The walls of your kitchen can hold more things (think – pans, canisters, pots, and more) than what you could imagine!

So instead of going for shelves that’ll simply limit your space, why not hang a pegboard for both added flexibility and storage space? What’s more, these boards can be easily adjusted whenever you want to.

  1. Put the Top of Your Cabinet to Use

Did you know the upper portion of your cabinet can provide you with sufficient storage space.

Well, now that you know even the top of your cabinetry can be used to store your necessary utensils, why not stash your serving platters and other pantry items on it especially the ones that aren’t being used?

If you aren’t sure how that would look, maybe you could use a pretty basket to cover the stash.

  1. Add a Fold-Down Table

Don’t have enough space for a dining table? Well, think again!

Adding a fold-down table (either in front of your window or on one of your kitchen’s walls) can work wonders. With this type of table, you could use it whenever required and fold it up when your work’s done so that it’s out of your way.

  1. Choose Foldable Chairs and Hang Them on the Walls

No matter whether you choose to purchase a fold-down table or not, it’s still possible to free up your kitchen’s floor space by going for foldable chairs so that you can easily hang them up when not in use.

  1. Turn Your Pantry Shelves and Cabinetry into Drawers

We all love having a shelf on our kitchen walls but when it comes to a pantry or cabinetry, it could get a little messy as things tend to get buried at the very end.

This is exactly the reason why, particularly in compact kitchens (where there’s a lot of space constraint) it’s best to go for drawers. Additionally, if you aren’t able to renovate, then you could add pretty baskets above the shelf and stash all your items in it…

  1. …Use (Small!) Shelves Wherever Possible

Again, let us tell you that we LOVE shelves and aren’t against it!

However, we feel that narrow shelves as compared to the deeper ones are the most preferable option since your essentials are never lost in them.

Now if you ask us how narrow should your shelves be, then we’d say really narrow and have just one deep row for jars and bottles. The best part about using narrow shelves is that you can place them anywhere in your kitchen.

  1. Show Off Your Dishes

If there’s not enough space in your cabinetry to stash all the dishes, you could choose to put them on complete display.

Perhaps you could get a bookcase or freestanding shelf (preferably something that’s tall enough to store your items and narrow enough to take up limited floor space) and fill it up with whichever dishes you want to.

Short of space in your kitchen? Maybe steal some space from your living room instead!

  1. Use the Top of the Fridge As a Pantry

A lot of people use their fridge’s upper part to store different kind of things; unfortunately, it usually looks wasteful or disorganised.

Nevertheless, by creating a specific section just for the regularly-used items you cloud make it look beautiful – not mention it’ll make it easier for you to grab things on the way!

  1. Purchase a Magnetic Knife Strip

When you have a compact countertop, know that every inch of it counts!

That’s why, it’s vital to squeeze out every bit of the available space in your fitted kitchen and nothing can work wonders than a magnetic knife rack. The best part about this rack is that you can even hang other utensils that are not knives.

  1. Seriously, Try to Hang Anything and Everything that You Can

Mugs, pots, spoons… any utensil that could hung must be hung. By doing so, you not only free up the space on your countertop and in the cabinetry but also create small decors out of it!

  1. Add a Utility Cart

While adding a utility cart might seem unnecessary to you, know that it’s the perfect spot for storing your Instant Pot.

Moreover, though these carts are small in size, they have a lot of room for storage. Also, because they have wheels, you can easily push them in your closet or place them in one corner of the room and simply pull it out whenever required.

  1. Cover Half of Your Sink

By placing a beautiful cutting board over half of your sink, you can easily increase the available space on your worktop. Also, by covering just one half of the sink, you still get to use it if need be.

  1. Go Digital

If you’re a foodie or love to cook, then it’s possible that you have a huge collection of cookbooks which only seems to increase every Christmas.

Now, if you’re running out of space to keep these books, then it’s high time that you take up the digital route and start downloading recipes in your smartphone instead. This way, you’ll not only have all your favourite recipes on your fingertips but also ensure that the shelf is being used to stash other essentials.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to making space for your appliances and other necessary utensils in the kitchen while getting rid of the unwanted mess, a little bit of imagination can go a long way!

However, if you need help then you can get in touch with professional kitchen fitters for expert advice.


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