Tips on Hiring a Window Glass Repair Company

Tips on Hiring a Window Glass Repair Company

Windows serve a range of purposes in households. They extend protection from the harsh sun’s rays and rough weather conditions. Also, they enhance the aesthetic value of your private spaces. Moreover, your property’s value is increased if the windows are correctly fitted.

However, the glass panes of windows tend to crack or become worn-out over a period of time. In such cases, they need to be repaired or replaced for maintaining the beauty of your home. Albeit, you need to call upon the window glass repair services for the repair works. Now, choosing a suitable company may not be as easy as you may think. This is because you need to consider various factors during the selection process.

Also, you must bear in mind that if the contractors fit the windows inappropriately, then there could be several other issues cropping up at a later stage. Also, you may get an installation warranty, but they may be void if the windows are fitted incorrectly.

Nonetheless, the following tips may come handy in making the right choice of a window glass repair company.

Window Glass Repair

#1. Conduct Research on the Varied Window Options

Before you hire a window glass repair company, there is need to take decisions on the windows that are ideal for your home. Depending on your choice of windows, you can call the window contractors. Keep in mind that some companies specialize in fitting only specific windows. Therefore, you need to take your pick among the different window options and then, hire the window contractors that are qualified in fitting the selected window types.

Some people opt for energy-efficient windows. In such cases, they have a choice between fiberglass and PVC window varieties. Also, windows that are made of different materials tend to differ in their efficiency levels, pertaining to air seepage and sunlight reflection.

Determining the types of windows that you want installed in your home can help to shortlist the contractors and ask the right questions too.

#2. Request for 2-3 bids

During the process of selecting a window glass repair company, you must take comprehensive bids from at least 2-3 contractors. In addition to prices, bids contain information about the material and labor details. Also, the dates that they will carry out the work is specified therein.

Always ask for an exhaustive bid that covers all the related issues. By doing so, problems at a later stage are averted.

The payment terms must be mentioned in the bids as well. Never pay the whole amount at once. A reasonable bid is one that asks for a small percentage of the payment prior to starting the work. The rest is to be paid after the job is completed.

#3. Study the Company’s License

Keep in mind that some local jurisdictions require contractors to hold valid licenses for undertaking any jobs. If states require the contractors to have permits, then you must check the licenses of the window glass repair companies that you are contemplating on hiring.

Window Glass Repair

Also, you must take the license number of the contractors and research whether there have been any complaints against them. If yes, then find out if the problems been sorted out satisfactorily or not. Also, make sure that the agency’s license is updated. Depending on your research findings, you can decide whether to go ahead with the specified contractor or not.

#4. Warranty Matters

You must be well-versed with the fact that there could be problems with the new windows or workmanship after the job is completed and over a period of time. Thus, being covered under a warranty is beneficial.

Normally, warranty for windows is up to 10 years. Also, some companies offer workmanship warranty for 1-2 years. Keep in mind that the newly-fitted windows can break, if they have not been installed properly. In such cases, having a workmanship warranty is beneficial.

Therefore, you must enquire about such details before you hire a window glass repair company – to be on the safer side.


Be sure to consider the above-mentioned tips before you hire any window contractor for the repair works. By doing so, you can be safe rather than sorry.

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