Warning Signs of Dangerous and Faulty Electrical Wiring in your Home

Warning Signs of Dangerous and Faulty Electrical Wiring in your Home

How often do you pay attention to your house’s electrical wiring? As time passes by, the house ages and electrical wiring becomes worn out. Research has shown that more than 90% of the houses don’t follow the recommended safety measures. Outdated, damaged, or otherwise poorly installed and maintained wiring is not something to take lightly.     

In Canada, wiring problems are responsible for tens of thousands of house fires every year. Luckily, you can easily prevent electrical fires in your home. You just have to look out for warning signs of poor and faulty electrical wiring in your home. Here are some of them:

Flickering of Lights 

It is very common to notice dimming or flickering lights. If it is limited to a single bulb or tube then it is not a major concern. But if you notice that more lights are affected, the problem could be farther back in the circuit, and you should reach out to expert electricians to check what’s happening in the service drop or breaker box outside your home. The dimming of lights can also be caused when the lights and heavy appliances are connected to the same circuit.

Burning Odors  

Do you often smell a burning smell but can’t detect where it is coming from? Burning odor is one of the most obvious warning signs of poor and faulty electrical wiring in your home. Burning smells mean that fire damage may have already begun and, if that’s the case, it’s imperative to have it fixed ASAP by electrical professionals from trusted companies like Arta Electric to avoid the issue from becoming worse. .

Tripping Circuit Breakers 

Another warning sign of poor and faulty electrical wiring in your home is the tripping circuit breakers. The main role of the circuit breaker is to trip whenever there is a fault in the system. They work super fast and shut the power down immediately. But if the circuit is tripping continuously, then there is a problem. This could mean that you are overloading it and it requires further investigation by experts.

Unusual Sounds 

Any irrelevant sound in your socket is a sign of danger. So, if you happen to hear any buzzing and fizzing sounds out of the blue, then that’s a sign that the electrical current is moving between wires or to another conductive object nearby. Don’t wait until it’s too late and seek professional help right away as the protective sheath is damaged and needs prompt treatment.

Damaged Wires 

One of the most common warning signs of dangerous and faulty electrical wiring in your home is damaged wires. Visibly damaged wires is an obvious sign that there is something wrong. Unfortunately, many people overlook this too. This is why prevention is better than cure even if you think the wire looks like it’s in good condition because you will never know any potential hazards if you don’t let expert electricians inspect it from time to time.

Apart from these warning signs of poor and faulty electrical wiring, there are some other signs that one should not ignore like scorching heat, frequently blown fuses, messy wiring, etc. 

Final say

The above-mentioned warning signs of poor and faulty electrical wiring may help you identify some problems. But it is always advisable to consult experts in this field like Alpha Electric Ltd.to reduce the risk and increase the safety of your family. 

Always remember that older houses need tender love and care and the hidden electrical wiring is no different. Having poor electrical wiring puts you and your loved ones at a higher risk of shocks and electrical fires which leads to unnecessary loss of many things. In this regard, it is always better to be well prepared in advance instead of running at the eleventh hour.            

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