What You Should Know About Bees

What You Should Know About Bees

Forget the bee movies, as soon as you spot bees in your garden, home or you see their hive close to you, get a professional bee control operator as soon as you can. This article will tell you all what you should know about bees. Let us get right on it, shall we?

Bee has over 16,000 species in the world, and they are the most solitary insects you can imagine. Bees are mostly honeybees, only a few are social bees- do you know that 80,000 bees can colonize a hive?

The make honeybees, also known as the drones live to mate with the queen. However, the worker bees send them out for more food as soon as there is a shortage of food in the hive. Unfortunately for the drone mate bees, they die after mating with the queen due to the ruptured abdomen; sex removes their endophallus that gets stuck inside the queen. Ouch!

Notwithstanding, the queen continues to mate until she collects more than seventy million sperms from multiple drone males. The queen bee was mistaken for the King until late 1960s when a Dutch scientist by the name Jan Swammerdam dissected the big bee and discovered ovaries.

How do bees get into our homes?

Sometimes, bees get into our homes when they are looking for a conducive environment to place their nests. Bees prefer dark and shielded areas, and your wall voids and chimney seem like a perfect fit for them. Some bees that nest in walls fly inside the living space through electrical outlets, baseboards, and cracks in walls.

Bee Sting

Even though bees are beneficial to the environment, it is dangerous and inconvenience also to have a hive close or inside your home. They may sting when you go too close to the nest; bees are highly protective of their nest. Most stings are mildly painful, except when the victim is allergic to a bee sting.

Challenges of having bees around

Beehives filled with honey inside wall voids will soften the wall over time, and it will lead to numerous problems such as damaging support structures, stain surrounding structures, and attract other pesky pests to your home.

Hire a professional

Having bees close to your home and environment can be dangerous, especially when you have kids around. It is essential to identify the particular species living near you properly because bees are sometimes mistaken for wasps. Wasps and bees may look alike, but they have their unique treatment methods.

Hiring a professional will ensure you are using the right treatment for the particular pest. Moreover, it is necessary to know the effective application techniques, limitations, and dangers associated with the different techniques. The only way to get rid of bees from your environment is to remove the hive.  Please, note that it is dangerous to remove the hive from your home or environment without the supervision of a professional pest control operator.  Have you noticed some bees activities in your vicinity today? Call your local pest management professional today.

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