21 Stunning Insider’s Guide to a Dreamy Attic

21 Stunning Insider’s Guide to a Dreamy Attic

Getting a dreamy attic is what everyone wishes for, literally. We all require a beautiful, spacious, yet comfortable attic. Lofts usually have a reputation for being too cramped. However, with a makeover, you can change your attic into something amazing.

An attic is a space below the roof of a house or a building. It can be used to fulfil many purposes, the most popular one being storage. When we make use of the attic as a storage room, it ends up looking cramped and untidy.

Instead of cramping it, you can revamp your attic and make it a beautiful fairytale-like place. I like to think of my attic as an extra room. In fact, it can be best utilised that way. However, to transform your attic into a beautiful one-of-a-kind space which you can use, you will face some challenges such as measuring the room size and getting the right furniture that fit accordingly, making your attic durable, making the most of the limited space, etc.

Dreamy Attic

So here are 21 stunning insider’s guide that will help you create a dreamy attic:

1.  Measurements are important:

You must measure your attic thoroughly, every corner should be measured so that you make no mistake and get relatively bigger furniture than you require. After you measure your attic, you will get an idea as to what will fit and what will not.

Whether you need a queen bed, a studio bet or a built-in bed. You will be able to make that decision once you have the correct measurements. Depending on how creative you want your attic to be and how dreamy-like you want it to appear, you can take these crucial decisions.

2.  Designing and Customising:

Customising your room according to the taste of the person who will be staying there is essential. Likewise, if you are renovating your attic, you must make it according to the needs, preferences and style of the person who will be staying there henceforth. So if children are staying in the attic, it should be kid-friendly. If it is a guest room, then the room colours should be a bit more pastel.

3.  Lighting is very important:

In addition to natural light, lighting is also very important. The right lighting can make your attic look more atmospheric. Generally speaking, the warm yellow retro light bulb is more suitable for the atmosphere of the attic. If you use white light, it will be too cold.

In the morning, natural light illuminates the attic, and as night falls, the retro light bulbs emit dark yellow light, allowing you to relax while enjoying the night.

4.  Create something new:

Transform your attic into a beautiful room by giving it that edgy-look and feel. If it is going to be a guest-room, then it should be a space that the guest can use and be comfortable in. It needn’t be very detailed but must contain subtle accents to give it that extra push and edgy vibe.

5.  Room For Two:

When transforming your attic, you can turn it into a twin bedroom, especially for those sleepovers. You can built-in beds on either side of the wall along with an attached sofa near the window.

6.  Furnish less:

You need to put as less furniture as you can so that the room does not get stuffy with furniture. The main limitation with attics is space, so keep that in mind before you buy furniture for your loft.

Your attic needs to have the space to move around as well but without looking too stuffy or too boring or dull. Efficiency is the key and getting furniture that will suit as well as fit the place is necessary.

7.  Go for Twin beds:

Make the most out of your space. You can make it a two-in-one combo so that your attic can function as a standard room and a guest room or workspace and bedroom. This again will be the outcome that will ensure proper efficiency and how well you are able to manage your space with the right furniture.

8.  Spa at Home:

Your attic can be transformed into a small spa where you go to relax and unwind. Having a spa in your own house? What could be better? Making your attic into a spa is an excellent idea as it won’t require an extra room as well as won’t cramp your bathroom. You can make the spa your hideout zone where you go to relax and rejuvenate from your everyday hustle.

9.  Minimalizing is Important:

When decorating your attic, you must remember that less is always more. So the lesser furniture or room accessories you keep, the better. You must try to keep things minimal yet beautiful. Getting minimal furniture is always a great idea.

10. Bring Out The Artist in You:

You can get add more art items in your attic to make it stand out more. So, put painting, or artefacts and other decors according to the mood of the room.

11.  Lean a Mirror:

For a mirror, you can try with full-length mirrors that lean in. This will, in exchange, help to avoid the need for an extra dressing table. When we get a dressing table, it means extra space and that we cannot afford in an attic, but we also need a mirror in the bedroom so what do we do? Get a full-length mirror!

12. Create a Fun Space:

Your children love gaming, but they are constantly in their room, or in some corner of the room where you cannot find them. Making a game room will not only help them relax in one place and enjoy but will also let everyone have a fun time together.

13. Dorms were never this Good:

When arranging your attic, you can try to make it into a dorm. If you have teenagers at home, you must get ready for constant sleepover taking place in your house. Designing your attic like a dorm will help you to accommodate all of them without you having to look for extra space!

14. Create your Own Workspace:

If you or any other family member work from home remotely, setting up the attic will help them to stay away from distractions at home and have a single room to themselves.

You can make your attic into a workspace where they can work peacefully. For a workspace, you need a quiet and convenient room; the space in an average attic is enough for a remote office.

15. Themes are Important:

Pick a theme for your attic. It could be anything. Based on your theme, you can customise it accordingly. For instance, if it is a fairytale bedroom, you can add white curtains, fairy lights, if it is an office room, you can adjust accordingly.

16. Transform it into a Sitting Area:

Introduce a sitting area in your attic. This will help everyone have a look that is comfortable and subtle without being too as the Millenials say, extra!

Your attic will look amazing if you add a sitting area to it besides the beds. This will not only save space but can be used efficiently when there are too many people attending a sleep over!

17. Want a New Closet?

Your attic could be your walk-in closet! This interior idea is in trend these days, and you can do so without taking up extra space from your house. Don’t you just love a good walk-in closet?

18. Plan it Out:

Whatever you do with your attic, as in whatever theme, style and idea you have in mind, make sure you have a layout beforehand.

This will help you to be prepared from before and have a strategic plan as to what fits where and how you would want your attic to appear. It is always good to plan ahead of time and having a layout just does the work for you!

19. Use the Space:

Make sure you have made use of every inch in your attic. This will help you make use of the leftover space without missing anything out. Not necessary you cramp the place up, but you should be able to utilise every corner wisely by putting the furniture where they fit best.

20. Flooring:

Your floor needs to be strong. The material too should be matching with the flooring of the rest of your house. Of course, you do not want to mismatch and make your attic look all out of place. You must remember the floor needs to be strong and sturdy!

21. Highlight the Architecture:

The main architecture of your building is unique in its own way, that is the definition of your house.

So while decorating your attic, remember that your architecture should not get covered if you are transforming your attic. The primary feature of a loft is its roof and architecture and how it resembles the architecture of your house.

With the help of these 21 ideas even you can transform your boring and cramped attic into a space that will help you make a statement among your friends.

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