RV Covers Vs. RV Garages: Which Is Right For You?

RV Covers Vs. RV Garages: Which Is Right For You?

Are you a proud owner of an RV? Have you considered prolonging its life by parking it in the shed while not in use? If not, now you may want to. First, let’s see what will happen if you leave an RV out there on its own without any RV covers/ RV garages.

  • Snow and hail may cause dents and scratches.
  • Hot summers may make some parts of the RV’s metal body brittle, and paint can chirp off easily.
  • Rainwater may enter your vehicle engine or seep through windows, destroying interior seating.
  • Its overall life will decrease.
  • It is more vulnerable to theft.
  • Kids playing soccer or baseball in the neighborhood may unknowingly break the glass window while trying to score a home run.
  • You have to pay extra for all this maintenance.

Now, you have two options. Either get RV covers or RV garages for protection. But which one you should opt for? And what are the pros and cons of each? That’s what we will discuss here. Come, let’s see them.

What Are RV Covers?

These are protective covers made from polypropylene fabric (mostly) that safeguard RV from direct UV rays rain and are breathable to allow moisture to escape.


  • RV cover costs range from $80 for small trailers to $700+ for a large RV vehicle. The exact price depends upon the quality of the fabric and what class of RV you own.
  • It creates a layer of protection from weather such as snow, rain, and sun rays.
  • The RV’s paint is less likely to be scraped off due to external elements.
  • It is made up of breathable fabric that allows moisture to escape through.
  • It saves money when winterizing your RV.
  • It can serve as rust-proofing your structure.
  • It lowers the risk of sun damage.
  • They are readily available on any e-commerce website. Check reviews before buying one.
  • It does not take a dedicated sq. ft. on your lot.
  • There is no assembling needed.


  • Fabric RV covers will not protect your RV from hail damage.
  • They do not protect your RV from theft.
  • Rodents can chew through the fabric, and it may be affected by pests if not cleaned on a weekly basis.
  • High-speed wind can cause the cover to rub against your RV paint, damaging its exterior.
  • The tires are still in contact with the ground. So, you have to take extra measures, or else they might get damaged from salt and moisture in the soil.
  • You may have to check in or start the engine every one or two weeks to examine if the batteries are working fine. This involves removing the cover, monitoring, and then putting back the cover. The whole process is tedious and can consume a lot of your time.

What Are Metal RV Garages?

Metal garages are just like any other regular garage except for the fact that they are made of a combination of metals that provide a more robust and durable structure. They come with an added vantage listed below.


  • RV garages are structured with roofs and walls that provide maximum protection against the majority of the elements.
  • Your RV is away from prying eyes from the outside.
  • A secure lock with a robust steel door can deter any thief from trying to break in to get to your RV.
  • You get extra storage space to keep other items from the garden, household, or any DIY project gigs.
  • Your RV is also safe from all dents and rusting and secure from fire, as metals are non-combustible.
  • A steel garage usually keeps your RV protected from rusting. It is mold-proof and safeguards your RV from birds pecking on the roof, dents, and dust accumulation.
  • It prolongs the life of the entire vehicle.
  • Your RV insurance company may consider a dedicated parking garage as an advantage and offer you an attractive premium.


  • You will need to apply for a permit to install metal garages on your property.
  • It will take up a permanent space on your lot.
  • These are more expensive than RV covers made of fabric, plastic, or vinyl.
  • It can cost anywhere from $6 to $19 per sq. ft. Generally, a regular-size metal RV garage costs $8000 and above. The exact price, again, will depend on which Class RV you own.

Following Are Some Of The Common Size For Metal RV Garages

Width (in ft.) x Length (in ft.) Height

(in ft.)

Price (est.)
20 x 35 12 $11,050
20 x 36 14 $15,550
30 x 40 12 $16,500
30 x 40 14 $19,110
30 x 72 15 $37,910

Note: The prices may fluctuate depending on the local and international steel prices.

Are Metal Garages Reliable?

We can confidently say that any steel structure made without cutting costs is 100% reliable and can meet or even exceed the local building codes and zoning laws. But how can we say it? The reasons are as follows:

They are incredibly durable. The metal panels and frames do not rot with time. Hence, the overall structural strength is maintained with time. All metal structures have a flexible design. You can choose a building as high as 40 ft. and as wide as 300 ft. Further, both interior and exterior can be custom-designed to your personal taste. Some metal dealers offer 3D designing tools to draw your own metal building, which you can even visualize on your lot.

Their initial cost may be high, but it pays off its initial investment in the long run. Nowadays, no one has time for cleaning and maintaining buildings. People would like to invest in a structure that does its job and demands less upkeep. Steel garages come in handy here.

To all of this, you can get a clear span, i.e., column-free design. This is something that’s not possible with wooden or resin structures. As the size gets larger, additional beams are needed for structural support. But not with steel. You can get up to 300 ft. wide metal building without a single support column obstructing your inner space.

Considering All Of The Facts

It seems evident that metal RV garages are a better option than those fabric covers. Still, if you are on a tight budget, you can opt for an RV carport, which will provide a roof & partial side cover from two sides to defend your RV from outdoor elements.

Whichever structure you choose, be it a metal RV carport or a garage, be sure to buy it from an experienced dealer so that you get high-quality material that will last a long time.

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