Bedroom Wardrobes – Essential Furniture for Every Household

Bedroom Wardrobes – Essential Furniture for Every Household

Who does not desire to keep his / her house decluttered? Bedroom wardrobes are such essential part of our homes which we cannot really ignore. We all want to keep our things in ticket-e-boo condition so that whenever a thing is required it can be easily accessed. When nearness and cleanliness is your main concern, you can go for bedroom wardrobes that are wooden, or made of steel and sturdy enough to last for a long time. You can use additional designs and then choose accordingly to get the wardrobes in their right place. Apart from being so functional, wardrobes add to the beauty of our bedroom. So, the aesthetic side of this furniture can never be ignored.

Different types of wardrobes:

As per the taste of individuals, various kinds of bedroom wardrobes can be found in the market.

  1. Free standing wardrobe – This is the traditional kind of wardrobe which is highly on demand. The wardrobes of this kind can be moved from one place to another according to the convenience of us. These can be made of wood, fibre, metal or plastic. Though the wooden ones are more on demand. The drawback of freestanding bedroom wardrobes is that they have little space inside no matter how large the actual wardrobe is.
  2. Openable door / Hinge door wardrobe – The Hinge door wardrobes are most common and easily accessible wardrobes. At a particular given time, the user can open the entire wardrobe or closet without any hindrance. The doors can be with or without handles.
  3. Sliding door wardrobe – This is the modern take on wardrobes. As the doors are sliding so less space is required for it as the hinges need not to be pulled for using it. It can easily fit anywhere. Sliding door bedroom wardrobes can be designed with two, three or four doors. In this case too versatile materials can be used to make this furniture. Check how many dresses you can store in this wardrobe and you also have the facility of using bifurcation as far as the door movement is concerned.
  4. Walk-in wardrobe – This is quite rare kind of wardrobe which depicts your taste and class. If space is not an issue for you then opt for the Walk-in wardrobe. Otherwise a small spare room can be altered into Walk-in wardrobe.

Materials which can be used for making and finishing of wardrobes:

While doing the framework or building skeleton for the bedroom wardrobes, the materials like Boiling Water Proof Plywood, High or medium density fibre can be used. These materials are strong and durable. The thing which gives adds beauty to the wardrobes is its external finish:

  • Veneer: From the thin layers of natural wood, veneers are made. Available in various design, they impart a classy look to your wardrobe.
  • Mirror: Adding mirror to the wardrobes not only gives aesthetic pleasure to your eyes but also visually increases the size of your bedroom.
  • Glass: The glass section in a wardrobe can give a sleek and classy look it. However, if you have retractable doors and sliding drawers attached with the glass wardrobe, you need to be very careful to use the doors so that nothing gets banged against the door surfaces.
  • Metal: The metal wardrobes can also be a good choice for your bedroom as they look nice and highly durable.

The bedroom wardrobes can consist of multiple sections like barbell, shelves, drawers, holders for ties, hangers, modules for shoes and a mirror. Depending on your need and taste you can either buy readymade furniture from the store or tailor-make them.

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