Benefits for Which You Should Use Timber Battens at Your House

Benefits for Which You Should Use Timber Battens at Your House

A timber is simply a strip of timber that is used in construction for various purposes. Due to their wide array of benefits, timber battens found in place in various sectors of construction and hence, historically they are widely used in various houses. Starting from its durability to energy efficiency, timber battens have played various roles in various circumstances. When multiple of these battens are put together, they create a linear effect. This grouping of battens also provides textures and adds another dimension to your house. The strip of timber that is a batten is used to make larger construction projects. They are generally used as strips in providing spacers during a process of construction.

These battens can be crafted individually or nowadays, they are used as a modular structure. It can be used both inside and outside of the house.

How Do Timber Battens Help You?

  • Easier to install: These battens are very easy to install and hence, for ease of installation, they are widely used. You wouldn’t need some complex method to install as the installation method is very straight forward.  Due to such easier installation, it isn’t surprising that the timber battens are widely used in various houses throughout history.
  • Long lasting: Durability is another factor for which timber battens are used in various constructions. When it is properly maintained, it lasts for several years. It does have a high impact resistance. Hence, these battens also provide protection to your house. The woods generally have a thickness of 38 mm to include walking very safely across the wooden floors. As far as the screw positioning is concerned, there has to be 1 inch gap when the screws are nailed on to the wooden plank.
  • For example, by using proper technique, you can make these battens resistant to fire. Though, it will also depend upon the woods that were used while crafting the batten. Some woods will naturally last longer than the others. Hence, while using the battens, you will also need to inspect which type of woods that are being used while crafted. You may go for those woods which last longer without any requirement of maintenance.
  • Energy efficiency: Wood has lower thermal conductivity. Hence, when there is a layering of wood, heat comes in or goes out very slowly. That’s the property via which energy efficiency could be achieved in this case. It will be easier for a house to remain cool as the heat from the outside can’t transmit directly or the heat inside the house can’t go outside easily. Thus, it will take less energy to keep the inside of the house warmer or cooler. You can choose certified carpenters who can work well with high quality wooden battens. Simple wooden batten and pine saw battens are the best varieties that you get when it comes to choose high quality batten for your construction.
  • Stylish: These timber battens come with various styles. They can also be trimmed to any size or shape. They also provide modularize structure hence, you can use them as and when you require. Wood gives you the opportunity to give the whole outside a personal touch. Various natural architecture of woods itself gives the house a unique appearance.
  • Acoustics: Battens help in insulating the house. Generally, walls of a house allow the noise to be transmitted inside without many obstacles. But when there is batten in the walls, then sound can’t be passed directly which makes the house insulated from various noises. These timber battens have excellent sound absorption property. Hence, it gives the perfect sound insulation for your home.

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