Dorm decor ideas to liven up the space

Dorm decor ideas to liven up the space

When you are planning to move into a dorm like setup then it will be a great idea to decorate it in your own personal way. By decorating the dorm zone you will definitely feel that the space has come to life. Now you must be thinking that implementing the dorm decor ideas will make a hole in your pocket. This conception is totally wrong. You just have to give wings to your creative side and you can create an alluring space within a minimal budget. So, stay tuned as the best dorm decor ideas will be shared in the coming paragraphs.

The Best Dorm Decor Ideas Are Here –

quotations and paintings

1. Wall quotations and paintings

One of the simplest dorm decor ideas is to use wall quotations and paintings. You don’t have to buy expensive stuff for that. Just check beautiful artwork and quotations on internet. Get them printed and frame them in a splendid way. It is a very easy method but it will definitely give a new life to the dorm.

2. Decorate the book shelve

You can make the boring book shelve look adorable with the help of easy techniques. There are patterned and colorful tapes available in the market at very nominal rates. You can use such tapes on the book shelve boundary and its overall appeal would change in a significant manner.

3. Indoor plants

Indoor plants

There are lots of adorable plants that can be kept indoors. You can keep a small plant at your favorite spot and it will definitely liven up your space. It will help you to connect with nature and a lot of positive energy will pour in. So, think about keeping some indoor plants and it is guaranteed that the costs will not make a hole in your pocket.

4. Make family photo collage

One of the finest dorm decor ideas is to make family photo collage. Try to be creative while making the collage. Use the best pictures of your family members and arrange them in a sequential order. The basic stuffs that are needed for making a photo collage are like cardboard, glaze paper, glue, markers etc. The overall material cost will never create any sort of financial burden. And for those, who are not so fond of DIYs, can check out Canva’s photo collage maker to get the collage designed within minutes.

5. Try wall stickers

Nowadays really beautiful wall stickers are available in the marketplace at very nominal rates. There are all sizes and types of wall stickers. You can shop for them through the online platform as well. It is a very interesting idea that will add a special dimension to the dorm space.

6. Make an exciting calendar

You can make an exciting calendar using your creative side. You can paste pictures, sceneries, messages; quotes etc. for each month and simultaneously write down the dates and days. If you want you can draw on your own and below that put the dates and days. All you need is few white sheets, some pictures that have been cut, markers, glitters, stickers etc. By this way you can have a personalized calendar.

7. Pay attention to the lighting

There are eye catching lighting arrangements in the present times. Some of the decor options can be side lamps, lanterns, easily adjustable wall lights, patterned lighting setup etc. By focusing on the lighting arrangement you can give the dorm space a magnificent transformation.


8. Cover the wall with clipboard pattern

You can use clipboards to add a special charm to the dorm wall. You can hang a lot of things with the help of clipboards like photos, to do list, magazines, newspaper, and much more.  You can decide the sequence on your own and the wall would get a personalized touch.

9. Make something creative out of waste

There are lots of waste materials that can be put to use in a creative way. For example you can make a pen stand using an empty cold drink can. Just remove the top layer of tin, cover it with a glittery sheet and your pen stand would be ready. You can also make beautiful photo frames with simple materials like card board, silver foil, glitters, colors etc. Wall hangings, chandeliers and lots of other stuff can be created in a brilliant manner.

These are some of the best dorm decor ideas that will definitely liven up your space to a great extent. So use these wonderful tips and give the dorm space an exciting makeover.

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