Easy Bathroom Additions You Can Make for Autumn And Winter

Easy Bathroom Additions You Can Make for Autumn And Winter

People love to get their homes ready for autumn and winter, particularly Christmas, but one room which can often be overlooked is the bathroom. Other rooms in the house are easy to change with the season’s thanks to easily accessible accessories and decorations. For the bathroom, it can be a little harder, but it’s not impossible. To give you some tips on how best to make your bathroom reflect the autumn and winter seasons have teamed up with Bespoke Interiors. They are experienced bathroom designers, and you can see examples of their work at their website or at their bathroom showrooms Newcastle location.



Changing the colour of your towels based on the season is a really simple but effective way of reflecting the season outside your windows. You can create some really stunning looks with layered bath and hand towels in different colours. For autumn choose orange and red tones and for winter go for light blues and greys. By changing the colours of your towels based on the season, you will always be able to refresh your bathroom without making a significant change. Finding different coloured towels is very easy.

Any bath shop will have a good range of towels. Alternatively, you can search online, which will generate a huge amount of colour options. However, you may want to feel the towels before purchasing, considering it will be used against your skin on a daily basis. The pop of colour from towels works well against what is usually a white or cream bathroom.

Wall art

It’s becoming popular to have some art in your bathroom, and autumn and winter can provide an excellent opportunity to change up what you’re displaying to match the season. Photography showing the seasons is always a good option. However, you can get more creative with framed pressed seasonal flowers. For autumn, you could also use pressed leaves to physically bring the colour of the changing leaves into your home.


Small decorations are lovely to have all-around your home, but the bathroom can often get left out. The ornaments which are included in bathrooms are often water-specific, but you can find seasonal options which can make great additions. For winter and Christmas in particular, this is very easy due to the large number of ornaments and decorations which are available. When choosing ornaments for your bathroom, you need to make sure they will not be affected by the amount of moisture which is produced through steam. For this reason, it’s wise to avoid any fabrics as they can absorb moisture easily.


Scented products

Autumn and winter provide a great opportunity to change up the toiletries in your bathroom and experiment with different scents. Having a look around your local supermarket or beauty retailer, particularly at Christmas time, you can find different versions of toiletries you use all year round. For some people, this may be a step too far, as they like to use the same product all the time or prefer a very neutral scent. But for some, having a scented shower jell or shampoo which reflects the Christmas season can be a nice addition to their bathroom.

With a bit of looking around and some thinking outside the box, you can make your bathroom a beautiful room which reflects the seasons at all times of the year, and autumn and winter are both great ones to start with.

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