Important Things to Know About Garage Doors

Important Things to Know About Garage Doors

Over the years, many people have known the importance of a garage. Hence, garages have become the most common thing in every house. So, many people have started using it as the primary entrance to their homes! However, what people may not realize is that a garage door has a lot more to it than just security. It plays a part in making your house look good and protecting your house from natural elements.

Size of the Garage

Being able to gauge the size requirement of a garage door is an important factor to consider before you can install it. Take the time out and understand exactly how much place your garage door will take. This will in turn give you a proper estimate of the cost that might incur while buying the door. It is better to go for customized garage doors and get the right fitting for these. You can try to keep some space around the door, when you choose the wooden doors, as wood expands during summer and contracts during winter.

Garage doors
Garage doors

Choice of Materials

Picking materials would mean considering the look, durability and maintenance requirements of the door. There are basically four types of materials. steel, wood, composite wood and aluminum.

Steel: This is the most popular material due to the availability in various ranges of color, types of insulation and flexible price. The factor that appeals to most about steel is its durability. It does not wrap or crack. However, the only disadvantage of a steel door is the fact that it dents and fixing said dent is not necessarily easy.

Wood: It is a material that truly gives a classy look. The factor that needs to be considered about wood is that it doesn’t come cheap and has an equally high maintenance requirement. However, wooden doors are less prone to damage.

Composite Wood: This is a great alternative for wood. It has a steel interior and a faux wood exterior. In effect, it gives you the flexibility of steel with the look of wood. You can choose from retractable garage doors, canopy side and also garage doors that are made of PVC or fiberglass.

Aluminum: When compared to steel, aluminum is much lighter. Another benefit of having aluminum doors is that they are rust-resistant. However, it is even more prone to dents when compared to steel. The best part is that, aluminum does not rot or get corroded, and aluminum gives the best durability and resale value to your garage.

Types/Style of the Doors

Garage door usually swing out, swing up, roll up or slide to the side. It is important to pick the style that works best for your home. A bungalow, for example, might have a door that swings out. The door might be a mix of both contemporary and modern styles. Additionally, adding windows to the garage door that include grills give it a classic look.


Insulation is highly recommended because it works as an energy saver. The best way to find out how best to insulate the door is the check the R-value. If the R-value is high, then the insulation is better. Higher insulation means reduction of noise and an increase in durability.

A garage door not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house, but also improves security. Garage doors are available in various colors and designs and to understand what door suits your home best, you might have to do some research of your own. Understand that this is an investment, but if you want to get the best possible results, then you can make use of galvanized steel to keep the doors last long and to get the perfect finish for all seasons.

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