Log Siding Products – Interior Ideas for a Splinter of the Cost

Log Siding Products – Interior Ideas for a Splinter of the Cost

Log Siding Products – Interior Ideas for a Splinter of the Cost

When we think of log homes we typically picture the outside of the structure – the log walls, roof, chimney, windows, and doors. This is what comes to mind to most of us. The exterior is only half of the house. The interior is made complete with log siding or pine paneling on the walls, doors, cabinets, stairs, and railings. If you want that cozy and rustic look throughout the house think about how beautiful you can make the inside.

Interior Knotty Pine

Knotty Pine paneling is the traditional wall and/or ceiling covering for log homes and cabins. The wood has rustic character, knots, and other natural traits to make it stand out. Use tongue-and-groove paneling with the end-matching system for faster and easier installation. The boards lock together and don’t need to be end butted on studs. You will like this idea because you can save up to 20% in labor and material.

Use Knotty Pine boards that are properly kiln dried and hand inspected will ensure you get high quality paneling. It will be straight, flat, and free of defects. They may cost a little more but will save money in the long run by using tongue-and-groove boards. Knotty Pine can be ordered unfinished and pre-finished.

Knotty Pine
Knotty Pine

Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry match Knotty Pine paneling so well. You can order cabinets for large or small rooms. Because they come ready made they are relatively easy to install. Just attach a level board to the wall, set the cabinets on it, and secure them to the studs. There you have it! Amateur wood workers can install the cabinetry as well as the paneling. Use a quality nail gun and you are in business.

Take a look at these quality cabinets. Their charm and warmth fit any log home or cabin décor. Add the trim at the top of the cabinets, around the windows, and in the corners for that finished look. They are simplicity and elegance to behold.

Cedar Doors Swing with the Best

Have you seen the latest designs in cedar doors? They look great and the top mills make them to last with high quality wood. They have the same look and feel as Knotty Pine paneling.

Typical door designs include:

  • 2, 4, 5, or 6 panels
  • Arched doors
  • K-doors
  • Custom Carved

Hinge options are available in many colors and styles to go with your décor. The best doors are made of solid wood and are 1 3/8” thick. They are available with pre-hung door jambs. They are made in standard sizes or custom made to your specified sizes.


Rustic Log Railings and Stair Systems

Rustic log railings look super going upstairs or down to the basement. Logs give an awesome visual appeal and they are strong to support people’s weight if they lean on them. We advise you to order log stair and railing systems that are complete with full log stringers and half log treads. Provide the manufacturer with floor to floor measurements and they will provide the cost. Each style is made to order exact to your specifications/dimensions. Examples include:

  • Knotty Pine molded railing
  • Knotty Pine rustic railing
  • Cedar Log railing
  • Timber style stairs
  • Natural log stairs

If your log home or cabin has a second floor or basement you will appreciate the styling of rustic log railings and stair systems. Buy from a leading company that provides a warranty for every product you order. Knotty pine walls, cabinetry, railings and steps make a picture perfect home. Doors in cedar or pine invite us to come into a natural world of beauty and warmth.

The WoodWorkers Shoppe is the nation’s leader in quality log siding, knotty pine paneling, and log home products. Feel free to ask us whatever you’d like about our products or services. We do our best to respond back the same day or on Monday morning if you drop us a line over the weekend.

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