Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

Designing any space is an act of love and great thought. Many spaces typically need to accommodate many kinds of needs. For example, a living room can be the place where people watch television, welcome guests and even do work at home each day. A living room may also need to serve as space where people can invite guests to sleep over. Many types and styles of design can help anyone create the space they need to have. One of the most popular of all such design styles is that of minimalism. Minimalism is not only a specific way of decorating. It is also a way of viewing the world. Minimalists aim to pare down any space to the true essentials. Their plan is to showcase clean lines and allow the occupant to avoid both physical and mental clutter. It’s important to understand basic minimalist ideas before deciding to use minimalism in any space.

Careful Color Use

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One of the primary underpinnings of modern minimalism is the use of color. Color is something that immediately makes a statement. For those who prefer to stick to a minimalist design, the goal is to keep the use of color carefully thought out in any space. Many minimalists shun the use of many colors in any given space. When minimalists use color, they want the color to serve a specific purpose. This is why people are typically drawn to only certain colors. For example, white is symbolic of purity. It is also a means to bring in light into any space that might otherwise feel gloomy and closed off. Minimalists also like other elemental colors. They tend to stick to colors such as deep blue, red and forest green. The goal is to use color to define the space. Using two colors such as black and white is basic to the rules of minimalism.

Furnishings in Any Room

Another basic principle of minimalism is the use of furnishings. Furniture must be carefully chosen according to minimalist ideals. The goal to reduce the amount of furniture in any room. To that end, minimalists aim for furniture that can serve as many purposes as possible. A minimalist devotee is someone who looks for items that may serve as a couch and a bed. This is why, for example, the futon is so popular. Futons showcase minimalist design ideas. The simple couch easily gives way to a bed at night. The user can push the back of the futon down and have bedding for more than one person. Likewise, other forms of minimalist design also emphasize items that can serve many purposes. A coffee table that can serve as both a place to place pastries and then unfold into a larger desk is much prized by those who appreciate minimalist ideals.

Spare Shapes

One of the major hallmarks of minimalism is the use of spare shapes. The goal at every turn is to create items in the room that lack overly fussy lines. For example, minimalist designers create mantle pieces that use only basic lines rather than the more commonly ornate designs seen in other types of decorative philosophies. They may place a rocking chair in a room that has been reduced only the essentials needed for rocking and have only a few pieces of wood. The same is true of other pieces. Clean lines are the aim at every turn. Minimalist design wants to bring out the inherent beauty in the grain of the wood floor or the marble table. Use pieces that are free from extraneous detail for a truly modern look.

Luxurious Materials

While the goal for minimalist design is to create an uncluttered look, the aim is still one that offers luxury. To that end, seek out materials that are inherently luxurious. Look for materials that appeal to all the senses. For example, a down filled sofa with silk and velvet trim is one that illustrates the appeal of minimalism and allows for comfort as well as for understated elegance. Minimalists seek to celebrate craft and those who adhere to the highest possible ideals. They look for pieces that will last for decades and still look good. A bookcase made of the finest wood reduced to the wood and little else illustrates the ideas behind the principles of minimalism nicely.

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Bringing in Light

Light is another essential design element in any home designed according to minimalist principles. People want lots of natural light in any home. To that end, they look for ways to bring the outdoors inside and show off the many lovely features of nature. Minimalist design frequently incorporates elements such as skylights to bring in even more light. Window treatments are basic and designed to let in light and provide privacy. Look for plain curtains in a simple fabric. At night, minimalists look for lamps that provide an appealing backdrop to the natural world and let people do things such as watch the stars or see the moon come up. Small lamps to create pools of light are preferable.

Minimalist design ideas can truly transform any interior space.


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