Use Feng Shui To Make Small Spaces Cozy

Use Feng Shui To Make Small Spaces Cozy

Feng shui is the art and science formalized three thousand years ago in China. It is claimed that it harmonies people with their surroundings with the use of energy. The literal translation of Feng shui is ‘wind-water’. It can prove to be a beneficial exercise for home organization. It is not necessary that you believe in the spiritual component because even if you don’t, you can still use it to make most of the available space and bring a certain flow in the house you live in. This can cause small areas to look creative though it can be challenging to implement sometimes.

Room Dividers and Command Position

If you have a small space, there is no need for the extra door as they make the place look cluttered and compressing. Instead, an illusion of separate rooms can be created by the room dividers, curtains or different furniture. Bookshelves, nice crockery dividers or stylish large mirrors with stands can be used as room dividers, and you can find these in really reasonable rates through different online offers such as promo codes and discount codes 2018. This technique comes in handy with the spaces with an open floor plan. By using this technique, people can enjoy the luxury of the open floor and separate rooms simultaneously.

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In Feng shui setting a clear view of the entrance is known as the command position. Due to this position, you can have visual control over the whole space. The idea behind the command position is to make you feel that you have a command over your life as well. The furniture in this position should be placed smartly. It is advisable to set a bed in the bedroom, a sofa in the drawing room, and a couch in the living room at this position so that when you are lying or sitting you can have a clear view of the entry. If you want to purchase any of this furniture, you can avail holloways of ludlow discount code to get it under the budget.

Remove Clutter and Add Five Elements

A small space becomes even smaller with the clutter, and it looks messy. Therefore, clutter is a big no-no in Feng shui. Getting rid of the clutter will make your home looks comfortable and clean, and you will no longer feel that everything about life is messy or you have messed it all up. There is plenty of clutter saving furniture available that you can buy as it will only store the necessary items, and else you can discard.

Last but not the least all five elements; wood, fire, earth, metal, and water should be added in the home. Design the interior in a way that it can incorporate these fantastic five. Feng shui believes that wood brings peace and prosperity, fire is all about passion, the earth will provide stability, the metal will help to improve concentration, and finally, water is for the strengthening communication. Also, keep the entryway to your house clean get rid of the shoes and boots by buying a good shoe stacking furniture and let the ‘chi’ positive energy to be in your home.

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