5 Money-Saving Tips During Interstate Removals

Home removals can be exciting, but the thought of moving to another state also can be daunting and stressful because of all the work and expenses involved.

Fortunately, while the removal process does call for a significant amount of your effort and time, it does not have to be too expensive. There are tried-and-tested ways to trim the associated costs.

But saving money when moving interstate in Australia isn’t merely about minimizing the costs involved. It is likely that you could sustain additional expenses by not considering the key aspects of your move, or by cutting corners. This means that you should also take into account the cost vs loss equation.

Here are five tips and tricks to help you save money when planning your interstate removal.

1. Do research on the areas where you can potentially relocate to

If you are given the opportunity to choose where to move to, opt for a cheaper area of the state. There are addresses in cities and towns that offer more affordable cost of living compared to their counterparts. Even if a house is just a couple of streets away from the main city, its rental or purchase cost can dramatically decrease. You may even opt for another town, but only if the transportation options there are reasonable.

Compare the pros and cons of living in areas close to your place of work and other nearby locations. It would be best to choose properties in a location that is expected to boom in the next couple of years.

2. Schedule your move during off-peak times

If you have a flexible moving date, you must schedule the relocation during off-peak times. You can save a considerable amount of money if you move during less popular times, such as in early winter or fall.

Also, consider a mid-month move because removal companies are often busy during the start and end of the month, when leases turn over. Remember that if movers are not swamped with appointments, they can offer you better deals and discounts.

3. Declutter your home

Over time, you can accumulate lots of items without you even noticing it. By the time you need to relocate, only then will you realize that you have too many possessions. A house removal is the best opportunity for you to sort your things, separating the essential belongings from those you don’t need anymore.

What you move will cost money, so make sure to declutter your home before packing. The moving costs will significantly be reduced if you reduce the number of items you bring with you. In fact, you can even gain extra cash in your pocket if you sell some of them.

The heavy furnishings, for instance, can make up the bulk of your moving costs, so decide whether selling them and buying new ones in the new location is cheaper than taking them with you.

4. Hire an affordable yet experienced removalist

Hiring experienced removalists is certainly an added expense. No wonder some people are considering moving on their own. But as mentioned earlier, hiring moving professionals also means reducing the possibilities of incurring added expenses, such as replacing damaged or lost items and paying for medical costs caused by injuries experienced while improperly carrying and transporting heavy loads.

By hiring experienced removalists, you will have peace of mind that all your items will reach your new home safe and sound. Also, no one will get injured because of heavy lifting since removalists have undergone proper training on how to move heavy furnishings and appliances. Also, they have the proper equipment to perform these tasks safely and efficiently.

But not all removalists are created equal. Just as you must be careful when choosing an emergency gas plumber for your new home, be cautious when selecting which removal company to work with.

Request estimates from at least three of the most-preferred interstate removalists and compare these. Also, get a feel for how they interact with their clients by asking for feedback from some of their previous clients and meeting with them personally. The removal company offering their services at the reasonable price, and whom you feel most comfortable working with, is your best option.

5. Pack your items wisely

You must pack all your items correctly to make sure that they will arrive at your new home intact. Packing is easy when all the items you want to move are small and lightweight. But if most of your goods are fragile, bulky and heavy, it becomes a daunting, stressful task.

Yes, you can try packing them yourself, but letting professionals deal with this task is highly recommended. The cost of professional packing services surely outweighs the hassles of doing it yourself and the price of repairing or replacing your prized possessions when they get damaged. Make sure though that all your items are covered for by the removal company’s insurance.

A home removal does not have to be expensive, despite hiring professional removalists. You just have to implement these five money-saving tips on your next move. Good luck!


Kim Hill works on Marketing at Adams & Rofe Removals and Storage and has been a dynamic figure in the removal industry for over 30 years. For relocating families, individuals or offices around Sydney or all over Australia, Kim will develop the perfect removal plan to take the stress out of your next move.

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