Exterior Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

Exterior Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

Just like our bodies, it’s important to take care of our home from both the outside as much as the inside. Besides keeping everything nice and tidy, however, the next step in amping up your home is looking at different trends to incorporate. This will not only make your home stand out and gain value, but will make you that much more excited about coming home every day. On top of personal satisfaction, you will have all your neighbors turn their heads as they pass your property. So, if you’re looking to update some aspects of your home, specifically the exterior, here are some design trends to look out for in 2019 to possibly add to your property.


No home is complete without a place for your vehicle. This space is quite possibly the first to get neglected, but with just a little bit of love, it can be the new favorite part of your home. Garages don’t always have to be cluttered with junk and looking dusty. A big trend that you may see in 2019 is homeowners utilizing their garage as a work space, and a nice one at that. You can start upgrading by applying an epoxy coat to your floor. This will ensure easy cleanup for future oil stains as well as be easy on the eyes. Next, look at the type of storage units you own and see what can be improved. If you’re not in the budget to purchase a brand new set of storage cabinets, consider painting and refurbishing the ones you already have. If you’re looking to stay within the upcoming color trends for 2019, we suggest staying with cool toned colors such as blues, deep greens, and grays. As for the garage doors, aim to keep it natural and neutral. For example, wooden garage doors with neutral colors for the trim is exactly what next year entails.

Exterior Design


Having a nice driveway is like serving a 5 star meal on a silver platter. It’s all about presenting what you have in the most effective way possible. It is the first part of your property that every guest has to travel through to get to your beautiful and trendy home. Whether you live in a location that gives you a huge space to work with, or nearly no space at all, adding concrete pavers can completely transform your driveway. Again, sticking with cool tones rather than warm tones will give it a trendy and modern feel, all while wowing your guests. You can even place colored stones or pebbles on the outskirts of your driveway to give it a different vibe, or stay classy and add some greenery for a pop of color and freshness. Just be sure to utilize plants that are native to your area and can survive the climate you’re in. Even if you live in places like Arizona or California, there are plenty of beautiful cacti and plant life that you can incorporate to make your driveway look one of a kind.

Front-facing Design

While houses made out of brick is absolutely nothing new, the trends for 2019 are leaning toward a brick foundation with a twist – painted brick. This style is certainly not brand new either, however it is starting to spread throughout the West and East coast.

This exterior design trend is perfect for people who are building a brand new modern home, or are struggling with the outdated red brick they already have. The process is as simple as it sounds, a home that has a brick foundation is painted to give a more modern and edgy look, transforming the old brick into something new. The most popular colors are white and light grey for now, but any light and cool toned colors would work here. Just remember to stay within the color palette of your entire home!


While the front of the home is first to be seen and admired, the back of the home is where most people actually spend their time – in the warm months, at least. It seems that the general trends for 2019 are based around nature. Things like neutral colors, natural materials, and plenty of sustainable greenery take the lead. And with the backyard, it’s no different. Many homeowners are opting out of turf grass and pioneering their own backyard gardens that include edibles as well as ornamental plant life. This is a perfect getaway to share your bounty with the community as well as make an environmental effort to plant more flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what is trending in 2019, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and start to re imagine your home. Exterior design is often overlooked and overshadowed by interior design, but the importance of it is just as powerful. It will increase the value of your home greatly, intensify your curb appeal, and give a sneak peak of the style you may also find inside.

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