Front yards creates the first impression on homes. Having a good front yard will make homes stand out in the neighborhood. With today’s economy, spending little money on decorating a front yard is the last thing we’ll think of. You rather use the money to do many more important things. But did you know you can make your front yard beautiful without breaking your bank?

Landscaping ideas will do wonders for you. What you need to do is to get your ideas into action, such as considering concrete staining. Make it a family project for it to be fun. This suits you, whether you are a fan of gardening or not. Read below and find out the cheap landscaping ideas for your front yard.

  1. Try out edible gardening

We are living in a tight economy where we cannot afford to buy groceries. You will agree with me that food drains our bank account, leaving us with almost nothing. Planting some groceries in your front yard will save you during hard times. Besides beautifying your yard, edible gardening will provide food for your family during an economic crisis.

Seeds aren’t expensive. You can get them at affordable prices, so you don’t have to be worried about the costs. Plant according to seasons for best results. Settling on one type of grocery might be disappointing because not all plants survive all the weather conditions.

  1. Make use of old furniture

Probably you have old furniture that you want to get rid of, but you are hesitant because you spent a lot of money on it. Instead of throwing it away, make good use of it by putting it in your front yard. All you have to do is to paint the furniture nicely for them to blend with your yard setting. Having lots of colors might ruin your yard instead of making it appealing.

  1. Fencing your yard

Fencing can never be out of style. It suites well in both big and small yards. The good thing about fencing is that it also provides protection to your home.  No one will dare to step into your home without your permission. You can use flowers to fence your home. Another option is to use a wired fence, but that will cost you some money.

  1. Making a tree bench

Do you know you can make something cute from the trees in front of your house? Be creative, and make benches in your trees. This will cost you nothing at all. The only thing needed is a woodcutter, and you are good to go. Make several tree benches and design them nicely for good results.

  1. Tiny wall planters

Wall planters are very cheap and readily available. From the name itself, you get to know that it doesn’t require a space since it can be put on walls. You can use small plastic containers such as peanut tin or small buckets. Any tin will do. Paint the containers to make them colorful and appealing.

  1. Make use of tires

Are you tired of the tires filled up in your garage? You might have tried to sell them countless times, but it didn’t go well. Design them to be tire planters rather than wasting your time looking for a place to dispose of them. What you have to do is to stick the tires on each other and put plants in them. The colors of the tires are unpleasant; hence you have to make them colorful by painting. Consider this option, and you will have no regrets at all.

  1. Lighting the farmyard

There is so much to do with lights other than just lighting a house. You can put lights in your farmyard and make your home the best in the neighborhood. You don’t have to wait for festive seasons to put the lights. It will be more unique to try the string lights in your front yard. Lights provide both safety and beauty; hence it is a perfect option for you! You won’t have to rent a house to organize a night party because the yard lights will make your home an ideal venue for the event.

  1. Old bathtub

Bathtubs can do magic in your front yard when used as a planter. The bathtubs keep off the pests and rodents from your front garden. It is advisable to use small tubs because big ones will not bring out the beauty it deserves.

  1. Plant roses

Are you a fan of flowers? If you are, this option is meant for you. However, an individual who is allergic to roses should not consider this idea. After all, you want something that will make you happy and satisfied. Give it a try and be sure that planting roses will turn your front yard into a paradise.

  1. Display sandstone in your path

Sandstone makes a front yard unique and appealing.  But this choice does not apply to a parent who has small children because they may get hurt. Surely you wouldn’t want to go for something that will hurt your children.

  1. Cleaning your pathway

Cleaning your pathway is the cheapest idea to apply. You only need cleaning equipment, and that will cost you nothing. Sweep the path of your farmyard frequently, and you will be surprised at how things turn out.

  1. Spraying paint

Consider spraying temporary paint if you run short of options. But be careful with this option because it may backfire. I would advise you to go for this option only if you are sure that you can do it.


The article has outlined the possible landscape ideas that you can consider. Go through them carefully and only go for what you can do. Don’t choose something that will make you regret it. You are not limited to one idea, so you can choose to apply several of them but try not to overdo it. This is the time to make your front yard a paradise.

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