Tips to Use Mirror in an Effective Way in Home

Tips to Use Mirror in an Effective Way in Home

A mirror is a powerful tool that can be used effectively to enhance the positive energy of the family members. This is done by deflecting the bad energy by properly positioning the mirror in the house or office. If it is placed in an accurate position, the effects are highly positive. There will be a vibrant energy of cosmic energy of the exterior views that is considered lucky. Mirror has always played a crucial role as a permanent fixture in every home. It also has become the creator of wealth and prosperity for all in the forthcoming New Year.

It is a belief that mirror is kept in the house to deflect the bad Feng shui that shots inside the house from outside environment. The circular mirror has been used for many years and does the work of eliminating the negative vibes. This poisoned energy is produced from the outside environment. This in turn also helps to push away all the bad vibes from your home. There is a need to use skillfully the benefits of the mirror for only positive results. See to it that mirrors never reflect the sharp edges or the toilet doors. If it reflects the garden in the home, then it will only bring good fortune.

How is Mirror a Feng Shui Cure?

  • According to feng shui, mirrors are used as a powerful tool and as an expression of water. The right placement is important, as it will bring only beneficial energy. This may be for the only specific area in the house or office.
  • The other use is that to draw the beneficial quality of energy. This is explained as if your mirror is placed in such a way that reflects the view of the garden, and then it will draw a positive energy in your space.
  • It creates more light
  • and is used to expand a space. It brings the energy of refreshment as well as calmness into any space. Therefore, whenever you find that there is lot of chaos or hectic schedule, it is wise to place several mirrors that will reflect refreshing mind in the environment.

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Types of Mirrors

  • The typical mirror is either oval, round, or square in shape. It usually has wood or metal shape. The round mirror will usually have a gold leaf frame that signifies wealth and abundance. It works wonders in the money area of your home.
  • The concave mirror as per feng shui is placed outside. They normally produce a condensed and upside-down reflection.
  • The last one is the convex mirror, which has the protective qualities. It is used as a watchful eye that is mostly used outside. It may also be used inside the house if it is framed beautifully.

How to Make It Work?

  • This is a crucial part of mirror placement. Place it in a way that will help the room look larger. It should reflect the scenery so that it makes the room look spacious.
  • Place the mirror just opposite a window so that it reflects the natural light. You can also pair it with candles to intensify the soft look. Mirrors can be hung on the opposite sides, especially in a dining space.
  • The mirror can be hung on the opposite of a window that will help to bring outdoors inside the rooms. It can be placed opposite to the fresh flower vase to bring additional greenery.
  • Creation of an accent wall and lining it with mirrors adds definition to your room. A wall collage can be created that will have a variety of framed mirrors of various shapes and sizes.

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