Types and Uses of Fold Down Ladders

Types and Uses of Fold Down Ladders

Explore the unreachable working sites with fold down ladders. Either it is a mezzanine or commercial attic spaces, using folded ladders will help to sort out all hurdles while performing the various on-site task. It is an effective way to decrease any type of uncertainties while accessing the inaccessible placing in a site. These ladders can be best suited for commercial applications as it has the highly compatible features. You can easily fold such ladders and store them in your garage. Apart from that, most of these fold-down ladders are made with strong steel and they are designed with robust locking system.

Different Types of Fold Down Ladders:

There are different types of fold down ladders available in the market. You can choose any of them as per the requirements of the site and location. Today, you can also find such fold down ladders online and you can choose the best ladders according to your needs and budget. But before buying the ladders, you must check their features and safety measurements.


  • Wooden Folding Attic Ladder:

Heavy duty fold down wooden ladders provide an economical option to the site of attic space. However, the general weight of these ladders vary, it may range from 250 to 350 lbs. Also, there are options to choose form insulated and non-insulated doors.

  • Fire Resistant Ladder:

Fire resistant fold down ladders is also available in the market which gives easy and reliable access to the attic space. It acts like a blaze block at an incident of fire. The manufacture of the hatch is done with fireproof material and also well equipped with a gasket which expands on the adverse heat. In some ladders, optional handrail with plastic ends is available.

  • Aluminum Ladder for different Ceilings:

For safe access to the rooftop, it has retractable stiles with roof hatch. It also contains an internal ceiling ladder. Furthermore, it contains off roof supporting structure with suspension kit. This fold down ladders is well equipped with an aluminium backed frame, and they are completely slip resistant.  You can easily install such ladders in your house to access the rooftop, and these ladders do not get affected by wear and tear.

  • Steel Supported Fold Down Ladders

Steel ladders are the most robust form of ladders when it comes to reliability and easy accessibility. The folded height can vary as per the options available and also. One can also opt for heavy duty ladder for which can weight goes up to 570 lbs. The choice of insulated and non-insulated doors of steel ladder options is also available

Uses of Fold Down Ladders:

  • The ladders are most reliable things to carry for onsite work progress. It provides practical, high strength solution to safely access to ceiling roof and internal floors arrangements.
  • These are useful for apartments, offices, mezzanines, storerooms, showrooms spaces. Either you want to go from floor to ceiling, along with the ceiling space or upon the rooftop, fold down ladders do it all without any discrepancies.
  • These ladders are easy to install and transferable from one site location to another depending upon the type of fold ladders one choose. The closing mechanism is efficient, and it is easy to store it conveniently.
  • The lightweight ladders are a long-term investment, which need almost negligible maintenance and support the maintenance work with a robust structure. It can easily control high load with great balancing capabilities on a different type of ceiling types.

Fold down ladders works remarkably to access roof area of plant and machinery sites which are difficult to obtain with traditional or straight ladders. It also suits for locations where portable ladders are unfit to rely upon like schools, hospitals, apartments, offices etc.

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